Posted on May 25, 2018

Vineyard Swimming Club

References: What people have to say about Vineyard.
★★★★★ The coaches at Vineyard Swimming club are totally dedicated to nurturing swimmers in a healthy yet challenging manner, in order to reach their full potential. The technical drills taught are scientifically researched but what is most impressive to me is the enquiring mindset coaches demonstrate towards their choice of coaching style. Keep it up!
Hanlie Gordon (May 2018)
★★★★★ Vineyard swimming is phenomenal. Swimmers are motivated, happy and strive for their best, winning medal after medal in competitions. Many have been able to qualify to swim for WC. The reason for this is due to the amazing team of coaches they have, coaches are passionate training their swimmers, from beginners to advanced.
Lisa McCallum (May 2018)
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